The Film Society

We bring a diverse selection of films to the lower Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada: films that share compelling content, images, and ideas. We cultivate the appreciation of film and provide an alternative to mainstream entertainment in our community.

You can join us as an annual member, or take in films one at a time.

Scroll down to view upcoming films.


Heritage Playhouse Gibsons, MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS at 7:30 pm, doors open at 7 pm to annual members.

Raven’s Cry Theatre Sechelt, MATINEES at 2 pm, doors open at 1:30 pm.

Upcoming Films

Cold War

Sechelt – Thurs. Jan. 30 Gibsons – Mon. Feb. 3 and Tues. Feb. 4

… a sad, bittersweet, and lovely ballad of two lovers who can’t stand to stay apart but also sometimes can’t stand each other either … Details


Sechelt – Thurs. March 12 Gibsons – Mon. Mar. 16 and Tues. Mar. 17

…demented, uproarious, a class-conscious satire, a malign delight, hilarious, heartbreaking, and insanely suspenseful. Details

Wild Rose

Gibsons – Tues. Apr. 14 & Wed. Apr. 15 Sechelt – Sat. April 18

Streetwise, rebellious, and free-spirited, Rose-Lynn travels to Nashville to make it as a country singer at the Grand Ole Opry… Details

Recent Films

Mad Hot Ballroom

Sechelt, Thurs. Dec. 5, 2019
Gibsons, Mon. Dec. 9 & Tues. Dec. 10, 2019

..a charming and inspiring documentary that profiles several elementary classes from New York’s inner-city schools as they compete in a city-wide ballroom dancing competition. Details


Gibsons, Mon. Nov. 25 and Tues. Nov. 26, 2019
Sechelt, Thurs. Nov. 28, 2019

…Shoplifters focuses on a “family” of marginalized, morally dubious outcasts who create their own nurturing environment outside of society’s laws and norms. Details

They Shall Not Grow Old

Gibsons, Mon. Nov. 11 & Tues. Nov. 12, 2019
Sechelt, Sat. November 16, 2019

…ground-breaking computer technology brings century-old, hand-cranked WWI film footage to new life in a haunting war depiction never view-able before. Details

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Gibsons, Mon. Oct. 28 and Wed. Oct. 30, 2019 Sechelt, Sat. Nov. 2, 2019

… a bizarre, compelling, tale about real-life biographer Lee Israel’s huge talent and subsequent descent into alcoholism and artistic deception on a grand scale. Details


Gibsons, Tues. October 15, 2019 Sechelt, Sat. October 19, 2019

Flawlessly and realistically acted by the three central performers, particularly the 10-year old boy at the centre of the custody battle, this is a tense and gripping film experience… Details


Sechelt, Thurs. Oct 3, 2019 Gibsons, Mon. Oct. 7, 2019

Keira Knightley shines in this biopic about liberation, sexual adventure and claiming of women’s power. Details

Capernaum (Chaos)

Sechelt, Thurs. Sept. 19, 2019 Gibsons, Mon. Sept. 23, 2019

… the story of a Lebanese boy whose life is so hard, so despairing, he eventually sues his negligent parents for the “crime” of allowing him to be born. Details

Thanks to Our 2019/20 Platinum Patrons


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