Our Volunteers

Board of Directors

Chair: Doug Dyment
Treasurer: Richard Melville
Other Directors: Bette Chadwick, Christine Chandler, Greg Marshall, Sarah Payne, Linda Wishart

…and the people behind the scenes

Administrator: Donna McMahon
Membership: Christine Chandler, Ann Schiebelbein
Programming: Greg Marshall (lead), Penny Dunford, Victoria Frodsham, Jan Major
Publicity: Bette Chadwick
Past Presidents: Tim McLaughlin, Judith Hammill, Alison Sawyer, Judy Lynne
Website: Digital Dandelion Web Design

Gibsons Events

Front of House: Liz Wood
Volunteer Coordinator: Lee Ferguson
Box Office: Janey Marshall, Alan Sirulnikoff, Rose Clarke, Marian Williamson, Joan Mitchell, John Pritchard, Elizabeth Wood, Bob Burdett, Don Fairweather

Sechelt Events

Front of House: Christine Chandler
Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Payne
Box Office: Judith Gordon, Valerie Hodge, Patricia Powell, Ursula Schmidhauser,  Maylynn Woo

Special thanks to

Zeta Gaudet, Heritage Playhouse
Jennifer McGarry, Raven’s Cry Theatre
Billie Carroll, Technical Coordinator
Marleen Vermeulen, Logo design

Become a volunteer

Yes, we need you!
We need ticket sellers and membership takers at screenings. Between shows volunteers help with publicity, programming, sponsorship, membership, and on the board of directors. You must be a current SCFS member to volunteer. Contact us or speak to one of us at one of the screenings.