The Guilty

Sechelt – Sat. February 29
Gibsons – Mon. March 2* and Tues. March 3

* SCFS Annual General Meeting follows screening

Denmark 2018, 85 min., crime/drama
Director: Gustav Möller

Danish with English subtitles

A Danish police officer, who is working as an emergency centre dispatcher, takes a call from the victim of a kidnapping in progress.  The film progresses in real time in a single location with the officer speaking into his headset, desperately trying to prevent a tragedy. 

This tense and nerve-wracking psychological film features a compelling performance by the lead actor, and themes of redemption and our perceptions of the real world. Described as “riveting, nerve-racking, pulse-pounding,  and  adrenaline-soaked”, it also has a few things to say about how even the best intentions can lead to disturbing abuses of power.