Gibsons – Mon. March 20
Sechelt – Sat. March 25

2021 Kosovo, 84 min., drama
Director: Bierta Basholli
Albanian with English subtitles

Kosovo’s official entry to the 2022 Oscars is based on the true story of Fahrije Hoti (brilliantly portrayed by Yllka Gashi), whose husband, along with all other military-aged men in her village, has been “disappeared” for seven years. Fighting a deeply patriarchal society that combats her every attempt to put food on her family’s table, she counters with strength, tolerance, stubbornness, bravery, integrity, and—most of all— dignity. Fahrije exemplifies the ways in which authentic heroes can emerge from the fog of war.

Sponsors: Drs. Nelson and Kraukampf