Captain Fantastic

Gibsons, Jan 9 and Jan 16, 2017

Socialism, survivalism and an eccentric lifestyle run headlong into the stresses of modern life and commercial culture. Share the journey as Dad takes his six wilderness-raised children from their rural paradise in Washington State to hectic Sacramento where Mom is to be buried, against her wishes, by her family. A Cannes winner, this journey of family love and loss guarantees cheers and tears. Details

Our Little Sister

Gibsons, Jan 23, 2017

This film takes a nuanced look at the emotional stunting left in the wake of parental abandonment. It follows three adult sisters who are united with a younger half-sibling they never knew existed. A complex study of four strong and uniquely flawed female characters. The result is a gentle masterpiece about people who are constantly learning and redefining what it means to care for and love one another. Details

Love & Friendship

Gibsons, Feb 6, 2017

In this stylish satire adapted from a Jane Austen novella, a scheming widow with failing finances moves to her in-law’s estate where she sets about matchmaking for her daughter and herself. Status and prospects are unscrupulously mined as desirable suitors are lured and toyed with by the ruthless Lady Susan. Details


Sechelt, Feb 18, 2017
Gibsons, Feb 20, 2017

Mike Leigh peers into the lives of acerbic, austere librettist Willie Gilbert and pleasure-seeking composer Sir Arthur Sullivan, exemplifying not only their artistic differences, but their very essence as human beings. How extraordinary that such wonderful music and entertainment was born of men who were opposites in every way. Details

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Sechelt, March 4, 2017
Gibsons, March 13, 2017

This magical Sundance favorite drops an unloved, chubby, bad-ass kid into the New Zealand wilderness with his latest unlucky foster parents. When the rebellious Ricky runs away, taciturn “Uncle Hector” follows him into the bush and the two become the unwelcome recipients of a manhunt by just about everyone. Join the journey from big laughs to big heart – and back again. Details

The Handmaiden

Gibsons, March 20, 2017

In Japanese occupied 1930’s Korea, a new girl is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress who lives a secluded life with her domineering uncle. But the maid has a secret. She is a pickpocket recruited by a swindler posing as a Japanese Count. The plan to defraud the heiress seems to proceed according to plan until the handmaiden and her mistress discover unexpected emotions. Winner of 14 International Awards and 12 nominations in 2016. Details

A Man Called Ove

Gibsons, April 3, 2017
Sechelt, April 8, 2017

Ove, an isolated, curmudgeonly old man of strict routines, steadfast beliefs and little tolerance for anyone else spends his days enforcing the block association’s rules and visiting his wife’s grave. He has just about given up on life until his boisterous new neighbours accidentally run over his mailbox, shaking and transforming his life in ways he could never have imagined. Details

Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

Gibsons, April 19, 2017
Sechelt, April 19, 2017 

The first film ever made in the Inuktitut language, Atanarjuat tells a culturally accurate tale of love and revenge. Winner of 26 international awards, this powerful and challenging film was shot on location in the Canadian Arctic. Atanarjuat is not only a spellbinding story about an individual and his culture and community, but it’s also a landmark in Canadian film history. Details

Welcome to the Sticks

Gibsons, April 24, 2017

To please his wife and save his marriage, a French public servant concocts a workplace scam in an attempt to move to the Riviera. When he is found out, his punishment is a transfer to France’s northernmost region, where supposedly the weather is bad, the food weird and the locals unintelligible. But not all is as it seems and so he embarks on yet another deception. Details