Sechelt, Sep 9, 2017
Gibsons, Sep 11, 2017

A charming, tender and intelligent love story about the meeting of a part-time Dublin street musician and a young Czech immigrant who is also an aspiring singer / songwriter. This film about their joyful collaboration in life and song is irresistibly appealing. Details


Gibsons, Sep 25, 2017
Sechelt, Sep 30, 2017

In Germany after WWI, two young people try to find a spark of friendship but the locals seethe with resentment, especially the families who have lost their sons to war, and thereby their legacies. Details

The Salesman

Gibsons, Oct 2, 2017

Schoolteacher Emad and his wife, Rana, are an Iranian couple performing in his production of Death of a Salesman. While alone in their new apartment, Rana is viciously attacked. Emad takes matters into his own hands to track down her assailant. Details

I, Daniel Blake

Gibsons, Oct 16, 2017
Sechelt, Sun Oct 22, 2017

After a heart-attack, a 59-year-old carpenter tries to navigate mindless, crushing bureaucracy to receive financial support. He befriends a single mother and her two kids as they all try to make their way through the Kafkaesque benefits system. Details


Gibsons, Oct 30, 2017

This 2016 VIFF People’s Choice Award winner dramatizes the struggle of Maud Lewis who, in spite of extreme poverty and crippling arthritis, became one of Canada’s premier folk artists. It is also the tale of an unlikely romance. Details

Land of Mine

Sechelt, Nov 11, 2017
Gibsons, Nov 1, 2017

Based on actual events, this harrowing film takes place in Denmark at the end of WW2 when young German POWs, mostly teens with almost no training, are forced to clear the beaches of over 1 million hidden land mines. Details

The Eagle Huntress

Sechelt, Nov 25, 2017
Gibsons, Nov 27, 2017

This documentary captures the personal journey of a 13-year-old nomadic Mongolian girl, training to become the first female eagle hunter in Kazakh society. It addresses themes of coming of age, natural environment, female empowerment and facing the modern world. Details

The End of the Road

Gibsons, Sunday Nov 5, 2017
Special Event

In the 1960s and 70s, an eclectic group of dreamers, artists, intellectuals, and war resisters came to Lund, BC. The film follows their evolution from society dropouts to community leaders. Loaded with vintage film, photographs, original artwork, and music. Details

Their Finest

Gibsons, Mon Dec 11, 2017
Gibsons, Tues Dec 12, 2017

The British government recruits a secretary as a scriptwriter for a propaganda film, to provide a woman’s perspective. She and her witty counterpart set out to make an epic portrayal of the Dunkirk rescue, starring a vain matinee idol. A film of warmth, grace and surprising humour. Details