About the Sunshine Coast Film Society

Who We Are


The Sunshine Coast Film Society seeks to cultivate film appreciation and provide an alternative to mainstream entertainment on the Sunshine Coast.

Our principal objectives are to:

  • bring people together to learn through, and about, film;
  • deepen our understanding of diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences through film; and
  • create a forum for ongoing dialogue inspired by cinema.

The Sunshine Coast Film Society undertakes to find and exhibit a diversity of films, including those of local and regional filmmakers, that give voice to compelling content, images, and ideas.

The Constitution

The Society came into being on Sunday, October 28, 2001. The purposes as stated in the Constitution are:

  1. To bring and exhibit moving images in any format to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.
  2. To promote the Canadian and international culture of moving images on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.
  3. To educate the public about Canadian and international moving images and related cultural and aesthetic issues through screenings, lectures, discussions, publications, conferences, special events and other means.
  4. To encourage and facilitate screenings, lectures, discussions, publications, conferences, special events and the like, relevant to the Canadian and international art, culture and practice of moving images and related fields, on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.
  5. To do everything reasonably and lawfully necessary and proper for the attainment of the above purposes.

Board of Directors

Chair: Doug Dyment

Treasurer: Richard Melville

Other Directors: Gretchen Bozak, Jim Schiebelbein, Linda Wishart

...and the people behind the scenes

Administrator: Donna McMahon
Programming: Bob Burdett, Don Fairweather, Gretchen Bozak and Victoria Frodsham
Front of House (Gibsons): Ann and Jim Schiebelbein
Front of House (Sechelt): Vicki Tyndall
Memberships: Carol Barber
Postering: Rae Ellingham
Projectionists: Billie Carroll, Sandi McGinnis 
Sechelt Coordinator: Karyn Burney
Special Events: Gretchen Bozak
Sponsorships: Karyn Burney
Technical Coordinator: Billie Carroll
Volunteer Coordinator (Gibsons): Ann Schiebelbein
Website: Billie Carroll
Past Presidents: Tim McLaughlin, Judith Hammill, Alison Sawyer, Judy Lynne.

...the volunteers who make it all happen

John Bebbington, Susanne Biden, Marj Brown, Karyn Burney, Shawn Cardinall, Judy Charles, Rose Clarke, Anita Couvrette, Sue Inglis, Rod Olafson, Cindy Riach, Alan Sirulnikoff, Vicki Tyndall, Donna Weibel.

Special thanks to Zeta Gaudet, Heritage Playhouse manager and Deb Proby, Raven’s Cry Theatre.

Become a volunteer

Yes, we need you!
We need ticket sellers and membership takers at screening, and between shows help with fundraising, publicity, special events, and on the board of directors. You must be a current SCFS member to volunteer. Contact us or speak to one of us at one of the screenings.
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