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Summer 2008
Thursday, August 21
Tickets are $12 in advance (through the Fibre Arts Festival)
or $15 at the door ($12 for film society members)

In Search of Lost Colour

In Search of Lost Colour, DVD coverThe Story of Natural Dyes
USA, 2007, 90 min, colour, doc
Director: Maiwa Productions

SPECIAL PRESENTATION with the Fibre Arts Festival.
Heritage Playhouse, 7 pm,

Modern synthetic dyes can colour almost any material in a vast range of hues. So powerful and far reaching is this technology that it comes as a surprise to learn that only 150 years ago absolutely everything was dyed naturally.

In this documentary, Maiwa Productions looks at an astonishing range of dye techniques - from the caracol purpura snail in Mexico to the lac insects of laos, from jackfruit root to the most famous root of all: madder. The resurgence of naural dyes and our contemporary ideas of colour will be explored in a historical context and in relation to the rise of a global colour industry.


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