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SPRING 2015 
GIBSONS March 30


Australia, 2013, 112min, adventure/biography/drama.
Directed by John Curran

Still from 'Tracks'

“When there is no one to remind you what society’s rules are, and there is nothing to keep you linked to that society, you had better be prepared for some startling changes.”— Robyn Davidson

This 2013 film chronicles the true stoy of Robyn Davidson, set forth in her memoir of the same name, who in 1977 embarks on a perilous 2700 km solo journey on foot across the stunning Australian outback from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. "You don't have to be unlucky to die out there" one doubter observes. With her she takes her black dog, named Diggity, four capricious camels that she has had to learn how to train, and briefly along the way an aboriginal elder. The further out she gets the more instances of poor luck occur but also revelations about her that speak to the compulsion that drives her. Davidson in her narrative describes her disenchantment with the society of other people and how tired she is of the depredations visited upon "my sex and class". At times too she meets up with Rick, a National Geographic photographer, who like others is both attracted to her and perplexed by her. This is not however a romance and never over played. It is a subtle journey of self discovery and the pursuit of personal freedom.

" miss Tracks at your aesthetic pleasure peril. It's a truly outstanding cinema experience."
— Glenn Kenny,

Screenshot from 'Tracks''




Tracks - Review. Review by Glenn Kenny, in, September 2014.

Audio interview with Robyn Davidson about the film. Jeannette McMahon, 1233 ABC Newcastle, March 2014.

Tracks: The true story behind the film. Extract from the book by Robyn Davidson.



Still from 'Tracks'


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