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Spring 2013 May 6 in Gibsons

Holy Motors

France 2012, 115 min, experimental/fantasy. French with English subtitles.
Director: Leos Carax

Holy Motors begins with Carax himself awakening in a hotel room. He opens a door and wall and enters... a theatre, where an audience awaits. Although Carax says this is not a film about cinema, references to cinema abound throughout. Our protagonist, “Mister Oscar” (the remarkable Denis Lavant), journeys across Paris in a white stretch limo, donning disguise after disguise to become a beggar, a beast, a hitman, a concerned father, an ex-lover. “I really think of it as a film about the experience of being alive nowadays, alive in this world,” Carax stated.

 "Leos Carax's Holy Motors is weird and wonderful, rich and strange – barking mad, in fact. It is wayward, kaleidoscopic, black comic and bizarre; there is in it a batsqueak of genius, dishevelment and derangement; it is captivating and compelling. ... [T]his is what we have all come to Cannes for: for something different, experimental, a tilting at windmills, a great big pole-vault over the barrier of normality by someone who feels that the possibilities of cinema have not been exhausted by conventional realist drama." Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

Still from 'Holy Motors'




In the garage with Holy Motors. Review by Richard Brody, in The New Yorker, October 2012.

The 10 best films of 2012, No 5 – Holy Motors. Review in The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw, December 2012.

Holy Motors: A French art film you won't want to miss. Review by Rick Groen in The Globe and Mail, November2012.



Nominated for Palme D'or at Cannes 2012.


'Holy Motors' poster


Holy Motors Accordian. "Let my baby ride" by Doctor L.


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