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Fall 2012  October 1 Gibsons

Of Love and Other Demons

Del amor y otros demonios
Costa Rica/Colombia 2009, 95 minutes, drama
Director: Hilda Hidalgo. Spanish with English subtitles

Still photo from 'Of Love and Other Demons'

Love, faith and superstition cross paths in this drama adapted from a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Of Love and Other Demons is a captivating work of magic realism set in 18th century colonial times in a major Caribbean slave and mineral port reminiscent of Marquez' own Cartagena. The film brilliantly juxtaposes the Catholic superstition of devil possession with the Yoruban rituals of West Africa and the precepts of European Enlightenment in the guise of a learned Jewish physician. "Demons" tells the unsettling story of Sierva, a 12-year-old marquise with long copper-red hair. Her self-preoccupied parents leave Sierva’s upbringing to the household servants, and Yoruban customs become second nature to the young woman. One day, in the middle of the market, in plain view of the crowd, Sierva is bitten by a rabid dog. Unfortunately, it's a common local superstition that rabies is a symptom of demonic possession. Sierva’s wound heals with no complications, but the incident casts a spotlight on the girl. Her behaviour – normal in the eyes of her African caregivers – is perceived as demonic by the bishop, and she is confined to a primitive cell in a convent. A young priest is put in charge of her exorcism, but he can find nothing wrong with her. In fact, he starts noticing how everything is right with her… Of Love and Other Demons is an engrossing, disturbing, and powerful film that ought not to be missed.

Stil photo from the film 'Love and Other Demons'



Review in Tonight at the Movies, by Laurie Curtis, June 2010.

Of Love and Other Demons. Review by Andrew Barker, in Variety, June 2010.


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