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Spring 2012  April 16

Another Earth

USA 2011, 92 min, drama. Director: Mike Cahill

Still photo from 'Another Earth'

On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system, Rhonda, and an accomplished composer, John Burroughs, cross paths in a tragic accident in which Rhonda is to blame.

A few years later the lives of Rhonda and John become intertwined as the two begin an unlikely love affair and sweetly, painfully, reawaken to life. But when one of them is presented with the chance of a lifetime—to travel to the “other” Earth and embrace an alternate reality—which new life will they choose?


Official website with trailer.


Paul Owen interviews director Mike Cahill about the poster for his new movie – and what it's like to discover that you and Lars von Trier have had almost the same idea.[The Guardian Film Blog].

The science behind ANOTHER EARTH. Interview with director/co-writer Mike Cahill and star/co-writer Brit Marling, on the FOX Searchlight website.

ANOTHER EARTH Featurette: "Science"More on the Science.


Another Earth. Review by Tasha Robinson for the AV Club.


Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Sundance


photo from 'Another Earth'