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Spring 2012  April 2


Japan 1985, 114 min, comedy classic. Director: Juzo Itami
Japanese with English subtitles

Still photo from 'Tampopo'
Roger Ebert
says: “Tampopo is one of those utterly original movies that seems to exist in no known category. Like the French comedies of Jacques Tati, it’s a bemused meditation on human nature in which one humourous situation flows into another off-handedly, as if life were a series of smiles.”
Goro, a taciturn but good-hearted truck driver helps a young widow named Tampopo improve her tiny noodle restaurant—with the help of a handful of odd characters who are all obsessed with the concocting the perfect noodle soup.



My favourite film: Tampopo. Blog entry by Richard Vine, in Guardian Film Blog.

Tampopo. Review by Roger Ebert.


Tampopo DVD cover