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Fall 2011  October 3

Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian

Canada, 2009, 86 minutes, documentary. Directors: Neil Diamond, Catherine Bainbridge, Jeremiah Hayes

Still photo from Reel Injun

This fascinating, must-see film traces the history of Native Americans through Hollywood films from the silent era to today. Through old movie footage, interviews with famous film stars and traveling throughout the USA and Canada, the filmmakers trace the complex and often distorted portrayal of the “Hollywood Injun”. While exploring this troubled history the film still finds room for humour and interesting anecdotes.

Native Americans have been stereotyped in all sorts of ways throughout the years: from savages to fools to stoic spiritual warriors. These one-dimensional depictions have greatly shaped the way aboriginals are viewed within the wider society. Even if you are already well versed in this subject, the film has many unique viewpoints and story lines that will surely enlighten even the most well versed film buff.

Reel Injun still photo of the Little Big Horn Memorial in Montana



Trailer and Clips

Another trailer, on the NFB website.
More film clips from Independant Lens


A reel shame. CBC interview with director Neil Diamond.


Guest blog: Adam Beach.


Won 2010 Geminis for Best Direction in a Documentary Program and Best Visual Research.

2011 Peabody Award for outstanding achievements in electronic media.

Reel Injun Poster


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