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Spirng 2011
April 4

Turtles Can Fly - still shots from the filmSix Miles Deep

Canada 2010, 44 min, documentary
Director: Sara Roque

SPECIAL GUEST:Barbara Higgins, Sechelt First Nations Elder

Six Miles Deep is a poignant, well-filmed documentary about the land dispute between the federal government and the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve. More closely it focuses on the vital role of the clan mothers of the matriarchal Haudenosaunee Nation. Director Sara Roque examines and documents the dispute through insightful interviews as well as with on-the-scene coverage of the headline making conflict. Her coverage runs a stark contrast with the representation presented by the mainstream media of non-Aboriginal people picketing to get their road back.

The dispute erupted when members of the Iroquois Confederacy barricaded a highway in Ontario to prevent the completion of a housing development being built on land in their traditional territory. It quickly escalated in to a national news story, however subjectively covered. Until now there has been very little representation of the First Nations perspective and Six Miles Deep does an excellent job of showing that side of the events—in particular of the women involved. This is a beautiful and captivating portrait of some truly inspirational and compelling women.

Honourable Mention for the Colin Low Award for Most Innovative Canadian Documentary, Doxa - Documentary Film Festival.


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