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Spirng 2011
January 24

The Fall - still shots from the filmThe Fall

USA, 2006, 117 min, drama, fantasy Director: Tarsem
Screenplay: Dan Gilroy, Niko Soultanakis and Tarsem

The Fall is a spectacle of beauty and imagination in film. Saturated with extravagant visuals and stunning cinematography this film is worth seeing for these reasons alone. However, The Fall also boasts depth in its story, excellent performances (one from a 7 year old girl), emotive music and originality.

The story takes place in 1915 at a hospital in Los Angeles; Alexandria, a young immigrant girl with a broken arm is running around making mischief when she meets Roy, a stunt man who was injured on the job. This unlikely duo quickly become fast friends; Roy tells Alexandria an extravagant story packed with adventure, romance and far away lands.

Within this alternately dark and light fairytale director Tarsem Singh weaves subtle allegories, smoothly avoiding an overtly moralizing tale. The Fall is reminiscent of classics like Wizard of Oz and The Princess Bride but with the extravagance of Cirque du Soleil and the imagination and darkness of Pan’s Labyrinth.

Filmed in 28 different countries over more that 4 years and without any computer generated effects, The Fall enchants its audience with a comprehensive sensory experience rich in both pathos and lighter moments of childish innocence. It brilliantly juxtaposes the disillusionment of adulthood with the unbridled imagination of youth, situating one within the other. It is a film that captivates viewers with a mesmerizing narrative tapestry, lingering long after the credits have rolled.


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