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Spring 2010
April 19

still shots from "Let's Make Money"Let's Make Money

Austria 2008, 110 minutes, documentary
Director: Erwin Wagenhofer

A revealing look at our current financial system, this film follows your money from when you deposit it in the bank, through the global money market and finance system. Interviews with some of the biggest and most ruthless players in international finance and economic theory will make your jaw drop. More shocking are the public policies that facilitate the transfer of public money into private hands and the myriad ways they ensure the money never “trickles down.” This must-see film also exposes global environmental impacts that have been invisible. Nominated for Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.


»  Trailer (partly in Austrian).
»  Erwin Wagenhofer’s "Let’s Make Money", review in Moving Pictures Magazine.




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