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Fall 2009
November 9

Spirit of the Beehive still photosSpirit of the Beehive

Spain, 1973. drama, 99 min
Director: Victor Erice.


Set in a remote Castillan village in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, Spirit of the Beehive is one of the most haunting and beautiful stories of childhood in movie history.  Six-year old Ana (Ana Torrent) is an emotional orphan of the conflict.  Her father spends his time beekeeping, her mother writing letters to an imaginary lover.  When Ana sees Frankenstein, she becomes transfixed by the monster and the terrible beauty he represents.  Told by her sister that the monster lives on as a spirit and can be brought to life by anyone who knows the right things to say, Ana sets out to find him. 

"Ana Torrent gives perhaps the greatest child performance of all time." — Andrew Sarris, NY Observer


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