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Fall 2009
October 19

Man on Wire still photosMan on Wire

UK/US, 2008  94 min, documentary
Director: James Marsh

Here is an invitation to accompany Philippe Petit, French master of the high wire, on his walk through space, between the Twin Towers in NYC.

Through a series of interviews with Petit and his team of close friends, we witness the formation of the dream in 1960's France, the rigorous training and preparation for the project over a decade, culminating in the tense pre-dawn hours of August 7, 1974, with the ingenious, covert transport of massive equipment to the 82nd floor of the South Tower , and the engineering brilliance of setting up successfully a high wire cable. The grand finale transports, with the phantasmagoric image of Petit emerging 450 metres above ground from the clouds.  This combination of documentary and sang-froid thriller is not to be missed.  Cirque de Soleil without the safety net!


  • Audience Award: World Cinema Documentary, Sundance Film Festival 2008.
  • Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature 2008.


»  Offical website with trailer.
»  "What I am thinking about is, I am not thinking." review by Roger Ebert.
»  Film Marks Balancing Act Between Twin Towers. NPR interview with Phillipe Petit (transcript and streaming audio).
»  Walking on Air Between the Towers; NY Times review.


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