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Winter/spring 2009
March 10


Noise - still photosAustralia 2007, 109 min., drama
Director: Matthew Saville

Two heinous crimes have left a suburban community reeling. Police connect them but are desperate for witnesses as the local community enfolds itself in a shroud of secrecy. A young police constable, Constable Graham McGahan, suffering from tinnitus applies for worker’s compensation, but to his chagrin he is stationed at a police caravan near the crime scene.

Living on the periphery of the investigation, McGahan crosses paths with various people affected by the tragedies and uncovers an unraveling nightmare of guilt and suspicion. Rather than following the killer or the investigating officers, Noise looks at the ramifications of the events on the everyday people, creating a far richer exploration of what it means to be a hero or a victim.


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