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Winter/spring 2009
February 24

This is England

UK 2006, 101 min, drama
Director: Shane Meadows

Set in the English Midlands in the early eighties, This Is England is based on the experiences of director Shane Meadows (Once Upon a Time in the Midlands). The film tells the story of Shaun (Tommy Turgoose), a troubled 12-year whose father was killed in the Falklands War. Shaun first finds companionship and protection among an older group of skinheads, but when the group falls under the sway of a racist leader named Combo (Stephen Graham), Shaun is drawn into a terrifying world of hatred and violence. Distinguished by the extraordinary performances of Turgoose and Graham and immaculate period detail, This Is England provides a disturbing and remarkably tender view of an important, turbulent period in modern history.

This is England, a film by Shane Meadows


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