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FALL 2008
October 21

Persepolis still  photosSherlock Jr.

USA 1924, 44 min, comedy
Director:  Buster Keaton
Another Buster Keaton film will also be shown.

This hugely influential film and masterpiece of silent cinema demonstrates the enduring fascination that filmmakers have had with the interpenetration of real life and film (e.g. Adaptation, The Purple Rose of Cairo). Keaton plays a film-obsessed movie projectionist who falls asleep, slides down a projection beam, and enters a cinematic world where events parallel the conflicts of his own life, but where the ordinary laws of physics have been replaced by the capricious rules of film editing. A technically dazzling film, Sherlock, Jr. also features some of Keaton’s most breathtaking physical comedy. (Watch for the stunt involving a railway water spout. Incredibly, Keaton broke his neck doing this one, but was back at work the next day!). Features an original music score by the Club Foot Orchestra.

"A cinema operator falls asleep at his machine and dreams he is a great detective—the kind that only the cinema can produce." — TIME Magazine, Jun. 2, 1924


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