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Spring 2008
February 26

Women Behind the Camera / D is for Daring

Women behind the camera  photosUSA, 2007, 90 min., doc
Director: Alexis Krasilovsky

SPECIAL GUEST : Gail Vanstone, will show clips from Studio D documentaries and read from her book: D is for Daring: The Women of Studio D.

A made-by-women-for-women documentary, Women Behind the Camera shows us a world of beauty, courage and technical skill—from historic footage by China’s first camerawomen of Mao’s travels through the Chinese countryside, to rural India, where subsistence-level women are taught camerawork as a means of empowerment, to the glowing young Senegalese camerawoman willing to climb onto a man’s shoulders (literally) to get her subject.

After the film, Gail Vanstone will talk about Studio D — the groundbreaking women's film unit created by the NFB in 1974 to make films by, for, and about women. Despite having very little money and being located in the basement in what had previously been the janitor's storeroom, it soon became one of the NFB's most celebrated filmmaking units, winning awards and breaking distribution records. Among the films to come out of Studio D were: If You Love This Planet, Speaking Our Peace, Not a Love Story, Flamenco at 5:15 and I'll Find a Way.


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