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Spring 2008
January 29
SCFS Annual General Meeting postponed until February 12.

Whole New Thing

Whole New Thing  photosCanada, 2005, 92 min., drama
Director: Amnon Buchbinder

Smart, funny and poignant...

At thirteen, Emerson Thorsen (Aaron Webber), is clever and well- adjusted. He has just finished writing and illustrating his first novel and is reacting with nonchalance to the onset of puberty. Homeschooled by his eco-hippie parents in rural Nova Scotia, he has been raised in a household of casual nudity and openness towards sex.

But when he is sent off to the local school as a result of his lousy math skills, the change for Emerson - as well as those around him - proves seismic. And when Emerson develops a crush on his English teacher, Mr. Grant (Daniel MacIvor), it will challenge everything the man thinks he knows about being a role model. Racing toward maturity, Emerson must discover that he is still a child, while the adults around him realize they need to grow up.


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