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Fall 2007
October 16

La Tourneuse de Pages (The Page Turner)

The Page Turner  photosFrance, 2006, 85 min., drama
Director: Denis Dercourt
French, with English subtitles

A Hitchcockian flair for manipulation... simultaneously elegant and shamelessly entertaining.

A huge hit at Cannes, this cold-blooded opera of revenge, lust and murder takes place in three separate acts. A young woman from humble origins (Déborah François), having failed her entrance exams at a famous conservatory, goes to work for a haughty concert pianist (Catherine Frot) and her husband (Pascal Greggory) in their sumptuous country house. The two women discover a growing intimacy and attraction, and when Ariane appoints the younger woman to be her pageturner for a series of upcoming performances, the stage is set for a little ice cold retribution. Dercourt walks the gossamer line between cold suspense and heated eroticism. With a scintillating soundtrack (featuring Schubert, Shostakovich and Bach), power house performances and some deeply unsettling mise en scène, this a thriller with both brains and malice.


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London Drugs, Gibsons
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