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Spring 2007
May 8, 2007

Live and BecomeLive and Become

France/Belgium/Israel/Italy, 2005, 140 min., drama
Director: Radu Milhaileanu

...epically entertaining...

Shlomo is a 9-year-old Ethiopian refugee in Sudan patriated to Israel during the exodus of the Jewish population in 1985. But Shlomo has a secret: he isn’t Jewish and he isn’t an orphan, two lies that colour his entire existence. Shlomo (played by three different actors as he moves from childhood to adolescence to adulthood) is eventually adopted by a loving family, but their affection for their new son cannot change the intolerant attitudes of their own countrymen or quell Shlomo's burgeoning identity crisis. The family drama encompasses the deeply
complex and divisive politics of Israel, where moderates are pitted against religious fundamentalism, all erupting against a background of political protests, air raids, and racial prejudice. It is also the story of one small boy and anyone who starts over, reborn in a new land.


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»  Live and Become. Review by Philip French, Guardian, Sunday January 1, 2006

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