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Spring 2007
February 27, 2007

Friendship Village photosFriendship Village

Canada, 2001, 50 min., documentary
Director: Michelle Mason.
The director will be in attendance.

One person can change a village; one
village could change the world.

The remarkable story of how Viet Nam veteran George Mizo, along with the Vietnamese general who killed his entire platoon in 1968, builds a village in Vietnam for children with Agent Orange-related deformities. The film takes us from Mizo’s experiences of war’s horror through the personal transformation that led to this extraordinary village.

The Vietnam Village of Friendship, built with the help of veterans from the US, Vietnam, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, and Australia, stands not only as a symbol of peace and reconciliation, but as a testament to the potential for all people to heal the wounds of war and create a better world. It may well have the power to change not only the lives of the children who live in it and the men who build it, but all who come to understand its vision.

Presentation will include an update from Carol Stewart, recently returned from Viet Nam. The director will be in attendance.


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